Winn + David | Pierson Farm Engagement Session

Winn met David back in September of 2012 while in North Carolina for her good friend, Hadley’s bachelorette party. While driving up to North Carolina they passed through Jacksonville, NC where the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is located. She couldn’t help but think about all of the Marines that live there and how different life must be for them. Little did she know, her life was about to change forever that weekend and it involved one of those amazing Marines!

On Saturday night the bachelorette party made it’s way over the E Club located on Emerald Isle. They were all having a great time making small talk and watching UGA play Missou. Winn noticed a guy walk in wearing a red Georgia shirt that caught her eye! She grabbed him and said, “Hey!” They spent the rest of the night talking and just inthralled in conversation. He offered to drive Winn and her friends home and they accepted.

Once they made it back they spent over seven hours talking and looking at photos of her sweet lab, Riley. His family had also just gotten a little black lab puppy so they had lots to chat about! As they were talking, Winn’s phone locked and he asked what her password was. She replied, “It’s my name.” Their eyes locked and she then said, “Oh my gosh, YOU don’t know my NAME!” He quickly said, “Wait, YOU don’t know MY name!” Winn turned around to start a new conversation with a friend and that’s when he grabbed her and said, “No, no, no!” They both laughed it off realizing they had been talking for hours on end and never introduced themselves.

In February 2013 they both went to Charleston, South Carolina for Winn’s friend’s birthday party. They stayed at the cutest little bed and breakfast. That night David told Winn, for the first time in person, that he loved her. During their stay he also told Winn that he was going to marry her and they would be a family. She totally thought, ‘This guy has lost it!’ They had only known each other for five months – but she felt it too! 🙂

The next couple of  years they spent a lot of time traveling between NC and GA. They made the best of it! They would meet at destinations to go skiing or to go to the beach or just somewhere in the middle to see each other. Winn looks back at those times and it was always so hard to say goodbye even for a couple of weeks but that made them who they are. David moved to Atlanta in October 2014. They were getting used to living in the same city enjoying what it’s like to date and live under the same roof.

In September they went back to Charleston for the Taste of Charleston at Boone Hall. It wasn’t at all what Winn remembered it to be. She was expecting  the nice Food and Wine event like they have in March! However, this event was a little more like a carnival! lol David had planned on proposing at Boone Hall but just didn’t feel it there. He kept trying to get Winn to go downtown but they had to get on the road home that night. She finally agreed to stop at a new spot she had never tried. As they are about to leave Winn’s friend’s house, she changed into her comfy travel clothes! The really comfy ones: a very old t-shirt with a huge hole in it and yoga pants. She REALLY wishes she would have known what was about to happen next! After eating David talked her into driving him down to the Battery to take a selfie. Winn was a little confused because David never takes selfies but, again, agreed. As they were walking around looking at the canons and a little gazebo in the middle, David got on one knee and asked if she would marry him. she was SHOCKED! He said, “I told you I was going to marry you the first time we came to this city.” Winn could barely think or talk! As they drove home that night, Winn had five hours to tell everyone she knew and soak it all in! They got home and drank a bottle of champagne! 🙂

Winn and David will become husband and wife this October 2016 at Burge Plantation!


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